does ps3 slim play ps2 games

3 Ways to Play PS2 Games on a PS3 - wikiHow.

· How to Play PS2 Games on a PS3. If you have a PS3 model that is backwards compatible, you can play your PS2 games just as you would play your PS3 games. If.

Can You Play PS2 Games on PS3? The Lowdown -.

Because the newer PS3 models can't play PS2 games, used 20GB and 60GB PS3 consoles often cost more than a brand new PS3 Slim. Now that Sony has closed the PlayStation.

Does the ps3 super slim play ps2 game?!?!?!?? - YouTube.

· An insightful documentary shows if you can play ps2 games on ps3 Click here for the dumbest channel - https www ....

Tutorial - [TUTORIAL] How to Play PS2 games on ALL PS3.

· So many people have been searching for a good tutorial that will enable them to play PS2 games on their PS3. I did research for a long time and after.

What Happens When you play a PS2 game disc on the PS4 Slim.

· This video shows you what happens when you try and play a PlayStation 2 Disc on the PlayStation 4 Slim Console..

Is the slim PS3 capable of playing PS1 and PS2 games?.

Is the slim PS3 capable of playing PS1 and PS2 games? the slim PS3 does not have any is there ANY way possible for me to play PS1 and PS2 games on a slim PS3?.

Does ps3 slim play ps2 games? | Yahoo Answers.

· Hi im going to buy a ps3 slim soon and im wondering which one should i get because i hear like the 20gb one cannot play ps2 games so which one should i buy.

Does the PS3 slimline play ps2 games? -.

No the PS3 slim and most fat PS3s do Not Play PS2 games. Only the 4 USB port PS3s could play some PS2 games and you can not play PS2 games on any 2 USB port PS3s.

Is it better to play PS1 games on a PS2 (slim) or a PS3.

· I have both a PS2 and a PS3 (both are the slim models). Anyways, I'm just wondering which one is better to play PS1 games on in terms of which looks.

Does a PS3 play PS2 games? -.

yes it does The PS3 slim and many other newer models do not play PS2 games..

Does the PS3 slim play PS1 games? - PlayStation 3 Message.

· For PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Does the PS3 slim play PS1 games?"..

can the ps2 slim play ps1 games? - PlayStation 2 - GameSpot.

· Ever since i bought the ps2 slim, ive always boughtt ps2 games. Yesterday i was passing by a store, and they had Final fantasy IX in display, so i decided to buy it.

PS4 Backwards Compatibility: Can I play classic games on.

· Can you play PS2 and PS3 on PS4? ... Why can’t the PS4 play PS3 games? ... Sony does claim that the PS4 meets this ‘ten times’ more ....

Does the PS3 support PS1 games or not?! : PS3 -.

All PS3's play PS1 games because it uses a to run PS2 games). Does having the PS2 PS2 chips on the OG PS3 are taken from the late slim models ....

How to play PS2 games on my PS3 Super Slim - Quora.

The Slim and Super Slim PS3s are not compatible with PS2 discs. A modded one might be able to though. Here’s a fun fact, all PS3s play PS1 games. Even though later.

PS2 games spelen op een PS3 - wikiHow.

Translate · PS2 games spelen op een PS3. Als jij een PS3 hebt die oudere games ondersteunt kun je gewoon je PS2-games blijven spelen. Maar je moet wel eerst iets doen om je games.

Can I play PS1 game on PS3 slim - PlayStation 3 Message.

· Can I play PS1 game on PS3 slim put the disc in and play it...I know PS2 doesnt work for the slim models but Im ... slims than it does on the ....

Are PS2 Games Compatible with a PS3? -.

· I am very VERY angry that we can not play ps2 games on ps3 with the ( Git) ... What firmware version does a new Slim 120GB ps3 come with now?.

How to Upgrade a 40Gb PS3 to Play PS2 & PS1 Games | Our.

How to Upgrade a 40Gb PS3 to Play PS2 & PS1 Games it with a version that does not play PS2 games. Today, the two PS3 models in the Slim and Fat ....

List of PlayStation games incompatible with PlayStation 2.

The PlayStation 2 was designed to be backward compatible with PlayStation games. However, not all PlayStation games work on the PlayStation 2. In addition, later.

Can you play PS1 games on PS2? - Quora.

Can you play PS1 games on PS2? Update Cancel. a d b y T i c k P i c k. Getting hit with hidden service How do I play PS2 games on my PS3 Super Slim?.

Can You Play PS3 Games on PS2? - Off-Topic - Comic Vine.

And most PS2 games don't work on Ps3 for some reason either just get the ps3 slim Can you download a PS3 game and burn it on to a disk and play it on the ps3 ....

PlayStation 3 models - Wikipedia.

The PlayStation 3 video game console has been produced in The PS3 slim also Support for emulation to play PS2 titles is not present in the Slim ....

What is the best way to play imported Japanese PS2 games.

· Does the PS3 play every region’s PS2 games then? Nope, pretty sure it doesn’t. I would have to drag out on my old PS2 with HD if I wanted to play an import any more..

So why can't the super slim play ps2 games? : PS3.

After finding Vice City for ps2 I was thinking the ps3 was backward compatible, but after reading about it, only certain fat models can, Why is.

How Do I Get My Ps3 Slim To Play Ps2 Games |.

How to play ps2 games on all ps3 systems ps3 slim playing ps2 games no cobra usb 4 30 rogero custom firmware you. Does The Ps3 Super Slim Play Ps2 Game You.

How to Play PS2 Games on Your PlayStation 3 Without Any.

Play PS2 Games on Your PlayStation 3 Without Any Extra Install ps1 games on your ps3 without ... Softmod your slim PS2 How To: Play Your PSP Games on Your ....

Trying to Play ps2 game on ps3 HEN | PSX-Place.

· I'm fed up and frustrated. I have a PS3 slim newer I learned how to install my PS3 game discs to the ... Edit : also, does everytime I want to play ps2 classics ....

You Can Now Play PS2 Games on Your PS4 - NDTV.

You Can Now Play PS2 Games on Your PS4. India should have these games and prices up around the same time Europe does later on Saturday. Share Play, Activity ....

How to Play Copied PS2 Games (with Pictures) - wikiHow.

· wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully What about a Slim PS2? ... There are other software titles that will allow you to play copied PS2 games, ....

SOLVED: Why does my PS3 not play PS2 games? - iFixit.

· If this is the newer PS3 ( slim current model or slim model before it that still had digital and analog outputs) it won't play PS2 games, even the older.

PS3 - PS2 discs on HAN PS3 slim? | PSX-Place.

· Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to play my PS2 games on my PS3 slim with HAN installed without having to make a backup..

It Only Does Everything –.

· I am sorry, but the PS3 SLIM does not do everything. Everthing except PLAY PS2 GAMES! But oh well, at least it plays games from two gens ago..

How to Play PS2 Games on any PS3 with PS2Classics.

· How to Play PS2 Games on any PS3 with PS2Classics. Discussion in 'PS3 Does this work on a vanilla slim PS3 or do I need to hack it? ....

How Can I Play PS1 Games on My PS3? | Our Pastimes.

How Can I Play PS1 Games on My PS3? The Sony PlayStation 3 was released in and can accomodate PS3, PS2 and PS1 games. ... including the PS3 Slim..

PS2™ System Data on PS3 | Official PlayStation™Store US.

How to Install PS2™ System Data and Play Games • Installing PS2™ System Data on a PS3™ system's hard disk PS2™ System Data must first be installed on the.

PS2 Games on my PS3 Silm CFW Q's? | - The.

· You will have to enable cobra mode using the toolbox to play PS2 games. How does PS2 Compatibility look like? ... PS2 Games on my PS3 Silm CFW Q's? PS3 - Hacking ....

PS4 Will Soon Be Able To Play PS2 Games - CINEMABLEND.

· Many gamers understood that playing PS3 games would and even more wanted to play PSX and PS2 ... Subscribe To PS4 Will Soon Be Able To Play PS2 Games ....

The 60GB PS3 really is the best way to play PS1/PS2 games.

· I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to play their PS2 games on modern displays. Does the PS3 account for the non ... I feel bad my PS3 Slim can't play ....

Can I play PS1 games on the PS3? | IGN Boards.

· The older models are the only ones that play PS1 and PS2 games you can play all ps1 games on the ps3 I think, not sure about new slim models but give it ....

All PS3 Games | Official PlayStation™Store US.

All PS3 Games. of Matches. 1 2 3 Sort By. Release Date (Newest First) Release Date (Oldest First) Title (Z-A) Title (A-Z) ... PS2 Classics. PS Vita Games ....

How Can I Get My Ps3 To Play Ps2 Games |.

How to play ps2 games on ps3 cfw how to play ps2 games on all ps3 systems. Which Should I Get For Collection In A Ps2 Slim Ps3.

PS3™ | Installing PlayStation®2 format software.

You can only install this game on PS3™ systems purchased in Japan. *2: To use this feature, you must first install [PS2 System Data] in the system storage..

PlayStation 2 Slim System (GameStop Premium Refurbished).

I ordered this Premium Refurbished PS2 Slim online from ps2 and ps3 have the same connection for av Does this console play the PS2 disks or is it an on-line ....

10 Things You Need to Know About the PS3 Slim -.

but the second-generation and 80GB models will also play PS2 games ... PS3 Games! Slim or not, it's still a freakin' PS3 and will play the same PS3 games ....

Does the PS3 play all (or a big part of) PS2 games?.

Ps3 play most ps2 games . I can not play Hitman blood money and i think there will be more ps2 games NOT playable. Oh by the way "dickhead" made a previous comment..

does ps3 slim play ps2 games

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can ps3 play ps2

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